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Unlock your inner Innovator

Unlock your inner innovator in just 30 days.


The Mindful Engineer blends principles, puzzles, and practical tasks to awaken creativity and flexible thinking.


Author Barry King challenges you to question assumptions, approach problems from new angles, and turn failures into fuel. Relatable examples and achievable activities bring innovative concepts to life.


Whether you're an aspiring innovator or seasoned professional, this interactive guide provides the toolkit to enhance your focus and drive innovation in all aspects of life.


The Mindful Engineer will unleash your creative potential.

Your journey starts today

What can you expect?

In just the first three days, The Mindful Engineer compels readers to open their minds, challenge conventions, and explore the realm of possibilities.


It establishes the foundation for the transformative innovation journey ahead.

Day 1: Embracing Curiosity

The journey begins by emphasising the importance of curiosity as the fuel for innovation. Readers are encouraged to rediscover their innate sense of wonder and maintain beginner's minds.

Day 2: Challenging Assumptions

This chapter focuses on questioning assumptions and avoiding the trap of status quo thinking. Readers learn techniques like the "Five Whys" to dig deeper and unlock innovative ideas

Day 3: Divergent Thinking

The concept of divergent thinking is introduced, emphasising the need to unleash one's creativity by deferring judgement and generating abundant ideas. Readers flex their ideation muscles through engaging exercises.

Every day is a chance to improve your abilities

In this interactive 30-day challenge, author Barry King takes you on a journey that will expand your innovative thinking in ways you never imagined. Through thought-provoking principles, engaging puzzles, and practical exercises, The Mindful Engineer delivers daily inspiration and challenges to awaken your inner innovator.

Learn to question assumptions, approach problems from new angles, and turn failures into opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, The Mindful Engineer provides the toolkit to unleash your creative potential. Follow this path to becoming a flexible, insightful thinker who can drive innovation in any endeavor. With King's expert guidance, every day offers a new chance to improve your abilities and get closer to bringing your ideas to life. Begin your transformative journey today with The Mindful Engineer.

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Barry King is an acclaimed innovation thought leader and creator of The Mindful Engineer.


A lifelong tinkerer and curious spirit, Barry was inspired to write this book after noticing a lack of practical resources for nurturing creative thinking.

With over 25 years of experience spearheading product innovation and leading engineering and architecture teams , he recognised that innovation is a skill that can be developed, not a magical gift bestowed upon a lucky few.

Through The Mindful Engineer, Barry distills his real-world insights into an accessible and engaging 30-day journey for anyone seeking to expand their problem-solving abilities and unlock their creative potential.

His passion is helping others embrace an innovation mindset to drive positive change in their lives and professions.


As an advocate for lifelong learning, Barry continues to innovate, explore and share his experiences to motivate others to embark on their own innovation journeys.

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